Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow Storms

I finaly have an afternoon that I can take off. There's a snow storm.
The little lady got me the best waders ever for Christmas, G3s w/ custom boots.

We need the snow, we need serious snow pack. The rivers up here have been bone dry the last few summers and falls, but why must it snow today. I am sooo sick of tying flies, and talking about steelhead I want to actually fish. It time to get a grab, or at least to cast a line without the constant built up of ice in the guides. Fucks for today.

Well at least 2007 was a really awesome year. Team Husky rocked the Deschutes, speciffically Husky#1 rocked the Dechutes. Barto and I fished winter and summer steelhead out west, not alot of fish on those trips, but Barto got his here in N.E.W. Even BR got fall steel on the Mil.

I had a great season on the Me, and through November all was great, but then the ice came. and here we sit, waiting to fish.

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