Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Salar Cross Over

Well, I just booked a trip to Fish The Gaspe in September. The plan is that Rusty and I will hit the York, Dartmouth, and St-Jean at the end of the month. We are fishing with the crew from Quebec Sporting, which has a great website, with great pictures. I am really looking forward to it.

I am Also heading to the Miramichi again this July, I am taking a customer there for two days of fishing. Since we will have a guide, I will get to fish as well. I am tying Bombers, Green Machines and just about every salmon fly in size 6 and 8 like crazy.

After the Miramichi trip I will stay in maritime Canada to visit other customers, and this will include a visit to New Foundland as well as Nova Scotia.

A year ago my only experience with Atlantic Salmon was not catching them at Sault St-Marie.
Now I am going to fish for them 3 times in on year. I can't believe it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello Fox and Two lines for the 8110-4 Sage

This morning I headed out to the Oconto to try some line setups I came up with last night after working with my Sage Switch rod yesrterday. So I went over to J To try out my new skagit rig. It was a great spring morning and it was clear that beyond any contrary word, mother earth had removed the last of her wintery garb and was now slipping into something a little more pleasant and revealing. birds of all kinds scuuried an lolled along the river's corridor today.

Anyway, Line Notes Below:

Compact Skagit 540grn w/ 4' T14: A great match. The total length minus tippet is 30', which is already nearly 3 time the rod length. I fished a string leach that Charlie gave me on the Descutes about a year ago (found it in my trunk). I tried the Perry's poak with no problems. the Double with no problems, and the snap was a snap. I was getting very long cast out of the setup with a pretty heavy fly. I'm real happy with this rig for nearly every WI river w/ one exception, and for rivers like the Ronde were a longer section og t14 is not needed. I think I could get another 1-2' of T14 on but not more than that. I am not sure how T8 would work. I ordered a Compact Skagit of 510grns and I think that will be the ticket for using a 9-10' section of T14.

From J I headed to winters to try a Scandi idea and to try to hook a hatrchery brown on the rod to see how that felt. On my way I had a deer cross the road which this morning seemed extra beautiful, then a 1/2 mile later I saw a fawn jumping around in the tall grass by the road and then it hit the deck as I drew near. I then saw that I was not the only one eyeing the fawn in it morning throws.

Maybe fifty feet from where the fawn so recently been sat a Fox on a little hillside, also very near the road. I pulled up to the fox, who did nothing of note in response. I then Said to the Fox from my window. "Hello Fox," the fox turned its head towards me and leveled an indifferent stare, "your not about to bother that fawn are you?" I asked. The fox stood and sauntered off, and I thought of how I had really gotten too used to talking to my pets, as I really only thought it natural to talk to a fox.

Any way I got to Winters and Caught a fat brown which put up a good tussle and below are my notes from the scandi experiment:

Windcutter 9/10/11 minus the midsection: Nice and easy. This was just great as a Scandi-like head. I was throwing the 15' intermediate tip and I could feel that going to a type 3 or 6 would be no issue. I also took off the 15' and tried a 10' Airflo poly leader floating, it was a little too light.

So there it is, a memorable morning that that happens every day without me, and I am ready enough to fish the 8110-4.