Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On The Road

Well, it has been a couple weeks. Since I last posted here I have fished Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi and Margaree Rivers in Maritime Canada, with lack luster results (details are on the Headhunter blog). I then spent a week working in North Carolina and South Carolina. On the way home from SC My flight had some troubles and we nearly had to do an emergency landing, right down to the head between your knees shit.

Now I am in Massachusetts until friday, then I fly to New Mexico to see family over the weekend, then back to Mass. The following week I head to Atlanta, GA. However, I will be Home at the end of August for a party that liz and I are having to celebrate ten years since we started dating, five of which we have been married. Then Charlie and I head out to the Deschutes for nearly a week.

I've been getting pretty tired on the road the party and fishing will be great.

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