Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Notes on the Sage 8110-4

I went out casting with Paul and Tom today we have had a kind of casting club this summer. One of my first two handed rods was a Scott 15' 9wt ARC. I sold that rod to Paul in 2001 and Bought it back this year as a long belly rod, on which I am casting the orginal 7/8 XLT, it's...ok.

Anyway, these summer days spent casting the long belly have truly helped me improve my technique.

Well, today I took the 8110-4 Sage out and paired it up with a 6/7 AFS Scandinavian Head by Rio with a 5' polyleader, and it is the best line I have tried on this rod. I did have the ocassion to try the new AirFlo compact scandi on the Burkheimer 7115, it was real good with a 10' polyleader.

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