Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Word is the rivers in California are flowing low and clear right now, which is not too bad as the other option is often blown out. It looks like the Eel will fish, especially the south fork, but maybe even the main stem. I am sure that we will also hit some water in Southern Oregon for some or most of the time. Either way we will have a good time and probably find some fish.

It sounds like the fishing in California (on the Eel) could be tough, but it should fish and I have fished low and clear a number of times, plus, According to local guide Jason Hartwick of Steelhead on the Spey, the next week will produce some major tides and that will often bring in a good push of fish and the 10 day forecast looks calm. Things are looking good.

On January 2nd I got a call from Rusty. He called to let me know that he had driven from his home near Reno, NV over to Sacremento, CA to fish the American River with his friend Mark. Rusty landed a small steeelhead the first morning and Mark hooked and lost three fish on nymphs. It sounds like the American is a pretty urban fishery but also very productive and it is in the Sacremento area where I am flying into and out of.

I am just a little pumped knowing that it is just a week away

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