Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Recap

The Kewanee Coughs up One, Two for Me:

In early April, I decided to make a break from the office and to go fishing, I had noticed that the Kewanee was flowing at about 200cfs and I figured that a flow like that should make it perfect for fishing a little two handed rod, well closer to perfect than normal.

I got to the river at about 3:30 and fished through the run that Angler X landed the big fish at on Easter. Nothing, so I dropped down to the middle of the next run, as there was a guy chuckin nymphs at the head of the run. A few casts in I hooked and landed a small but bright hen. On the next cast I hooked and landed a small buck that fought hard, jumping and running just as the hen, but this fish was very skinny, as if he had been milked already. Indeed I found out that the Kewanee hatchery is supposedly trucking post spawned fish to the mouth of the river, where the fish run right back up. Or I guess the fish may just swim out to the lake from there, I don’t know.

I drop a Hen:

On what may have been the most miserable weather of the spring, Angler X, allowed me to tag along with him and the Coloradian, his friend from Colorado, to the Streams of D.C. to drift flies from small water steelhead. Bart and I shared his rig and though there was not much going on, X hooked, fought, and landed a really beautiful hen, which I promptly dropped back into the stream before a picture could be taken.

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