Monday, May 5, 2008

Thank you Kewanee

On friday afternoon I fished the Menominee. It was really high and full of suckers. No steelhead.
Then that night I recieved an email from Jose, telling me that he found steelhead in the Kewanee.

So, Saturday I headed for the Kewanee in the afternoon, and it being may there was practically no body on the river. I fished around with an old little two hander and a floating line. I was able to find about a 10lb hen in a little run with a bouldery channel on the far side.

I then went up to the weir to see if there any steelhead up in the ladder. I saw tons of suckers and nearly a hundred steelhead. it was amazing.

It was a good spring on the Kewanee.

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