Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dialing In the Sage 8110-4

So, I got the Sage 8110-4 Switch rod. I was about to order the Burkheimer which I knew would be the best of the best, but the price tag was huge, and I wanted to buy a rod from Tightlines, as Tim has always treated me so good. Now that I have the 8110 all I have to do is figure out which lines to fish on it.

I tested a few line today with some success. Here are my notes:

Airflo Compact Skagit 540grn W/9' of T14: I was able to double spey this set up with a large intruder I was able throw about 11 strips (33') of running line. I was having alot of trouble setting up the perry poke or a snap-T with a strong down stream wind, but I think it was more than the wind. I think the length and weight combined were more than could be easily handled by the system.

Windcutter 6/7/8: this just felt too light.

Vision Head for the Burk 7133-3 With 11' Hover Leader by Airflo: It casts but dies at the end and the Snap-T is uncomfortable to setup cross body.

I took the Airflo Leader off the Vision and went to a tapered mono leader 10' long. Worked pretty well but had a good size splash down. I think Ideal will be this vision with a 4' or5' airflo leader and straight mono after.

Below is information that I picked up on the Website of the Flyshop in Welche's Oregon
Line Matches:
Rio Outbound WF-10-F; Really solid-All around spey both single hand and traditional spey. “Wicked” overhead single hand.
Rio Skagit 350 w/ 15’ tip; Pretty nice all round all purpose spey, great line speed, slight “suspect” on load. Super smooth overhead
Rio WindCutter 10/11/12 Body only + 15’ sink tip; Top 2 best all around spey. Both single hand and traditional spey. Nice overhead w/ shooting head style loop (open) and terminal line speed
Rio Skagit 400 + 15’ tip; For sure the line for all forms of spey (single hand and traditional). Good Overhead.
Rio Steelhead/Atlantic Salmon WF-9-F; Superb, smooth overhead line. Really nice with single hand single spey. The trout choice. Think of it as the MidSpey for switch rods.

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