Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So Quickly its Over

I just returned from Eastern Canada late last week and first chance I got I head for one of the northern locals which is known for having Steelhead around later than the rest of Wisconsin's Lake Michigan coast.

As I walked the train bridge out to the island I thought I saw the some Steelhead working in some choppy water just under the train bridge. I dropped down the bank and fished a long run along the island, and landed a small buck right away on a run that I am now naming "Steven's Limited"
Stevens for the great Michigan musician Sufjan Stevens and Limited as it is reminiscent of train titles and because the water needs to be very high for it to fish so it is limited.

I landed another bigger buck (#6) on a run called Wolverine the fish was colored but the fight was better than most November Steelhead. I hooked and lost another nice fish and several very large bass.

I was back two days later and the fish were totally gone, at least the steelhead were gone. The water was much warmer as well, so I guess it's over. So quickly it's over.

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