Friday, November 7, 2008

Browns on Top

Why wouldn't a Lake run brown trout eat a fly at the surface, Atlantic Salmon are their closest genetic relative, heck they are Sea Trout and anglers catch sea trout on dries all the time in Europe. Earlier this summer while I was in Canada fishing Atlantincs, I was thinking about this very thing, and I came to the conclusion that browns would come up if only we fished for them, but before I ever really tried. Local angler Matty had a similiar idea and caught our areas first top water brown that I know of, using a foam body waker.

Well, Matty didn't just do it once, he did it again and the second fish ended up on youtube.

What a fish!! The reel sounded awesome.

Well, a few days later, only the day after I arrived back from out west, I went out to have a spey clave with four friends on the Oconto. Unfortunately, There was almost no water in the river. Well I ended up fishing J with Nate and I figured A "dry" (wiggle minnow) sounded like a good fly to use and since Nate wasn't going to fish one I ask if I could borrow a Black foam wiggle minnow.

I fished J all the way down and, at the very bottom, I saw a fish roll right where the fly was waing on the surface. I could tell it was a brown before I lifted the rod, I could see the golden sides as he rolled. The fight was O.K., but the take was see a great lakes fish, brown or otherwise, come to and out of the surface to take a fly was awe inspiring.

I have tried a few more times this week to raise another fish to a more traditional steelhead type dry, i.e. the gurgler. and I did boil a fish but I have not yet gotten a fish to eat a non-wiggle minnow.

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