Friday, November 21, 2008

Really cold, but really fishy

Yesterday, despite the freezing temps, I headed out to try the northern locals, the O and the Me. The Me looked perfect, the siren run was in full force for the first time this year. Unfortunatly, The DNR was just finishing up with shocking the river,, this turns the river off for several days.

So I headed to the O and fished a run that has been very productive for browns over the last couple years but is ridiculously slow to swing. I was hoping that the strong WNW wind would help speed the swing, and it did, alittle. It is sad when you are counting on wind to make swinging a fly bearable. Well it was better than bearable, I landed 4 browns, all over 10lbs and none looked wretched.

It was butt-ass cold so got off the river early.

Out again today, we will see if 20F is more than I can cope with.


Erik Helm said...

You are a die-hard my friend.
It got so cold the other day, that not only did my line freeze solid into the guides, but when I walked out of the river, my fly froze to my reel!

Stephen R. Nelson said...

Yeah, We need it to warm up.