Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2008, a new year. Will things change?

Of course things are always changing, but I think this year will be a big year of change for the whole Mykiss gang. Husky 1 will no longer be a student and that will be a very big change, Barto will start teching full time maybe that will be a change. The company I work for is being bought by an investment group and merged with a competitor, that might be a big change. And BR with his house full of growing young ladies and hotshot engineering projects lives with constant growth and change.

It scares me because Steelhead fishing makes me happy and I don't know if a change at work will make it harder to follow that passion. I think most of the Mykiss gang maybe feeling, or has felt, this way. It could be that there are other, greater joys in life than hooking and landing a steelhead, but it is something that makes me happy and I don't want to miss a day of it. (Especially a day when a bunch of scum ball undesrving hacks go out and nail a bunch of fish and all I can do is hear about it because I was "on the road" or "stuck at work")

At the same time, when I stopped working at the fly shop and started working at my current job, it didn't take long for it to open the doors to west coast steelhead trips. I started taking the trips alone and then BR was able to join me,then Barto, and Husky 1. I sometimes feel that I have so much less time to fish, and that may be true, but I definitely get to go on some really great trips.

Anyway, my point is that it will be a great new year despite all the changes we face. We have alot to work towards in 2008 steelhead fishing.

Maybe this spring I will find a way to finally land a winter stellhead on the West Coast.

Maybe we can finally get an N.E.W. steelhead to come up for a dry.

Maybe we can find steel on Manitowoc.

Maybe too I can take all the opportunities to Ski while the snow is good and the fishing is not. And please let the Packers beat the Patriots in February, and all that it would take to make that happen.

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