Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's Wrong with Me

Took the day off. Works been slow any way.
Hit the local river first thing thought I might find steel as Towny nail a big fish there on sunday.
Well I fished the most popular winter run, and then just kept going and going. Down river and every run felt good.

Finally, I got down to the end of the line with out a grab. On this last run on the local, I hooked and landed a small lake run. Real pretty, no mold put up a good fight for a seal-orphan.

So, I finish the run, sneek up the hill, and start the 1.5 mile hike back to the car (+/- a mile). So while I am walking, I think "Gee, what's up? I thought I would land or at least hook a few more fish." ...

So then I head north to the Me. I figure I should be able to get something going on Bonfire, or that run the angler X has yet to name.

I fished Bonfire with 10' of T14 and a blk string leach. The river was fluctuating up and down, Ice bergs rolling down. Went through Twice, second time with the most insanely sparkly intruder ever. No fish, WTF?!?

So as I head back across the river I notice, that Siren looks awesome , so I jump in the VW and cruise down. Siren was really awesome, casting was great, big sexy boils roll'n on top, great current speed. I would venture to say that Siren, when it is in shape, is the best run in the state. I challenge anybody to name a better one (be very specific on location). All that said... No fish.

Then it hits me, I am in Wisconsin, This is January, and I already caught a fish today. My expectations may be a bit high.

But, at the same time, Every run I fished today, I really expected that I was about to hook a fish, I was suprised when I didn't. I think that might be OK, a little unrealistic, but it will keep me coming back.

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