Saturday, January 5, 2008

Over Freezing-Good Day on the Me

Fished the me today with Nate-dog and Angler-X(formerly Barto).

X hooked up right away, ran like steel...But got off.

I went down to brown town and and brought on back on Black (a stacked tube)
A Bonfire Brown

Headed from the Me to our most local of steelhead rivers and met with Marty Kwitek to check out some RB Meiser rods I cast the 12'6" 6/7/8 MKS, I loaded it with a Vison 450 Scandi and a 10' tip and the an Airflo compact Skagit 540 with 10' of T14 and a big weighted fly. Both were great it is a very comparable rod to the Burkheimer 7133. It is hard to say which is better to cast, I already own the Burk so I am likely biased. On thing is for sure the Airflo Compact Skagit is Awesome, Thanks Larimer.

Another Great thing. The Siren was fishing on the Me, no fish, but it felt good.


Anonymous said...

I heard rumor that angler X is a get-in, get-out, shut pie hole stud praying for the eradication of ego tripping ass-clowns more worried about the polish job on their poles than getting ass deep and huckin' junk simply cause it kicks ass.

SN said...

Tough call on on the X.
He's a tough one to pin down.
Never what you expect and always in a state of flux. Any non-ambiguous state made of him only drives him to oppose. You say X digs fishn ass deep and huckn' junk, and next thing you know X is castn sweet, fly petite, dudes only wadin' ankle deep.

ntrbstar said...

Dude sounds like a genius...or perhaps a genius?